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If you’re anything like me you hate the struggle of trying to pick out your outfit and making sure that you have a bra that is going to make it look great. You always have to match the color and straps and make sure that it’s going to blend and not be seen.  I’m always looking for the perfect bra that’s going to go with the most outfits as possible and while a strapless bra is great in some situations, summer is coming and low-cut back and backless dresses are so cute.


So Kissbobo sent me this bra and I didn’t know what to think because I’ve had stick on bras before and they didn’t really seem to work that well or like they were holding everything in place properly.  This one held in place nicely, it was easy to put on and it has the lace up front to really pull things together.  It does come with instructions to put it on but basically you loosen the laces and stick each side on. Once you have them in place you just pull the drawstring tight and it’s done.

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I found that it stays in place really well and it really gives a lot of lift and push up and looks fantastic.  I much prefer it to going braless in a backless dress. You don’t have to sacrifice nice cleavage in order to not have a bra showing. They also sell it in beige if you are wearing a lighter colored dress  and I think I’m gonna be ordering one of those soon too!


This bra is very well priced at only $13.99. Overall I was very happy with the performance of this bra, I didn’t feel like it was falling and I’m so happy that I have it now. It’s supposed to get up to 25 uses and I’ve already worn it a few times and it’s still super sticky.  I think it’s really important to wash your chest and make sure that’s completely dry before you put it on so that there’s not any dust getting on it. After wearing it I just give it a quick rinse under the sink and let it dry flat.

I love to hear from you all about your experiences with the typical stick on bras and if you’ve tried this one or not.

Happy backless dress season!

Lindsey xoxo

2 thoughts on “Kissbobo Backless Bra

  1. Wow I am impressed with the results of this type of bra! I haven’t had much luck with sticky bras and I will definitely keep this in mind to order this type of bra if I get a bare back dress! Thanks for sharing❤️

    1. Hey Helena! I definitely prefer the style with the lace up versus the ones that just have the tiny little clip at the bottom. Maybe that’s what makes the difference . I am definitely glad that I live give this one a shot !
      Have a great evening!

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