White dress

Thursday look: Black & White Forever

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a fabulous Thursday today! It is beautiful and sunny here! See that beautiful watch? 😍 It’s from Daniel Wellingtons new Classic Petite collection. It has a lovely white leather strap and rose gold details, my favorite combination! Heres what the rest of my outfit looks like! I’ve had […]


Eshakti Black & White Crepe Skirt

Hello everyone!! This morning was spent lazing on my new deck overlooking the lake over here. It’s a nature preserve so the is tons of wildlife and I love listening to the birds with my morning matcha. Such a glorious way to wake up! This outfit from the weekend is such a bold statement look. […]


Kissbobo Backless Bra

Good morning world! If you’re anything like me you hate the struggle of trying to pick out your outfit and making sure that you have a bra that is going to make it look great. You always have to match the color and straps and make sure that it’s going to blend and not be […]


Closet Essentials- Multiwear Pieces.

You know that feeling when something new comes into your closet and you just want to wear it every single day? This new 3-in-1 I got in from Buttercream Clothing is that and then some. It is the perfect wardrobe staple, I can make outfit after outfit with this one thing. So what is it? […]


Buttercream Clothing

Hello there, friends! I know we all have certain things we are looking for when we shop for clothes, whether it’s online or in store-whether the clothes fit right, how current the style is and if it reflects our own desires, a reasonable price point and often ignored but very important: how and where it’s […]


White Hawt

How are you all doing? We have a little heat wave here and I am just beyond lovin it! :p Here is a hot little white outfit I put together and I hope you ❤️ it… This dress is from Zara and it has a little surprise! It looks so simple and the cut is absolutely flattering […]


Summer Breeze

Hey loves! Have I mentioned yet I’m dying for sunnier days? We’ve been getting teased here with warm weather and I’m making the best of it while I can! This is another great dress from The Lily James Collection! It can be worn many ways. I paired it with all gold with this statement necklace from […]


Green x Blue

Okay, I am so in love with this look! Spring is here! Have you noticed the melting snow in my posts lately? Ha, I say that now but I’m sure Mother Nature has yet another one or two blizzards up her sleeve. Hope you are lucky enough to live somewhere with nicer weather than here. […]