How To Have A Happier Period

Back in high school when I’d get my period, I used to sit in my desk in agony and often make fake illness so I could go home, where I’d curl up in a ball and do my best to tolerate the pain… Periods were brutal and loathed.

A few years ago I started hearing about cloth pads or “mama cloth”. I looked into it and my eco-friendly self happily ordered a stack from a WAHM online. They weren’t pretty but they did the job without leaking. I was worried there would be a smell because well, if you’ve ever used a plastic disposable pad-you know what I mean. But there’s no smell, thanks to the breathability of the material and natural fibers.

Shortly after, the menstrual cup hype came about! I bought my first Diva cup and used the pads overnight and for backup. I started noticing my periods went from 7 days down to 5. My cramps were much more manageable and only lasted for a few hours the first day at about half the intensity of the past. Halleluyah!

Now it’s years later and my old mismatched stack is looking a little sad so I gladly refreshed with a new stash from Blue Bird Pads. A Canadian brand, they are made from organic materials and come in some beautiful prints with a more refined sofistication.


My kit came with a set of five pads in various sizes, including a thong liner which I’ve never had before, along with a waterproof dual pocket wet bag and a stain removal stick.


They are really soft and lovely and it’s great to have lots of different sizes, the larger ones work great for overnight and the smaller for the last couple light days.


The pads fold up nice and small and store inside the wet bag. It’s great to keep in your bathroom and small enough to carry in your bag for easy storage at work or a trip out. Keep the clean ones in the side pouch and zip away the dirty ones. Then when they are all dirty just unzip and toss in the wash. I personally just wash mine in with a load of jeans but some people will wash separately. Your call!


I love knowing that I’m keeping my contact with toxins down and that the effect of that is a shorter and less painful cycle. These are well made and hold up great, plus they make me smile every time I see them ☺️

Have you tried cloth pads yet? I’d love to hear your experience!

Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo

I received the starter kit complimentary from Blue Bird Pads but all opinions and experiences are my own 🙂

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