Multitasker Trench

Happy Wednesday!

Anyone missing the days of summer when you could just run out without layering up before you go? Sigh.

I’ve found trench coats to be amazingly versatile for layering and they could darn near match about anything. I’ve been wearing them over some cute dresses lately but they can easily look super chic over a pair of jeans and a cute sweatshirt or buttonup as well! I especially love the look of rolled up trench coat sleeves ❤️

image image

This is look here is a simple black satin dress with a Burberry trench and bag. If you’ve ever worn a Burberry trench, you know they can be pretty long and this one has actually been altered to make it a little shorter. I love the below the knee length.


In this outfit, I wore a shorter coat from Banana Republic with my emerald green pleated dress with front lace detail and a pair of black pumps.

I definitely think it’s a staple piece no matter which length you prefer. I’d love to start collecting them in different colours. Maybe red next?

Do you have one? Want one? Need one?

Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo

First outfit photos by Meaghan Baxter Photography 

Hairstyle by Allana at Elixir Hair Studio

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