Lone Wolf Boutique-Art Deco Dress

I’ve been following this company for a while, Lone Wolf Boutique, a Canadian company that makes a variety of things from baby’s, kid’s and women’s clothes to makeup bags to pillow covers and scarves. The company founder designs all the pieces herself and has them manufactured right here in Canada.

I chose their Art Deco dress, I loved the yellow and black contrast design, I haven’t seen much like this before and it was something I really enjoyed wearing. It’s meant to stand out and as aesthetically pleasing as it is, it also has the benefit of being made with Ecopoly, a more environment conscious material. Some of the kimonos they carry are made of this material as well. I found it extremely comfortable. I haven’t washed it a ton yet but the design on the fabric is supposed to never fade, which from what I can tell is totally true! I’m so sick of awesome pieces that don’t look good after a few washes so I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out! It’s also treated for moisture wicking and reversible front to back.


Definitely garnered a ton of attention. I went all out with some raspberry red lipstick from my Urban Decay vice pallette and my black strappy sandals from Aldo.


I was very happy with this dress. Pieces are custom made to order so there can be a small wait time of 2 weeks but it came on time and no delays. I definitely recommend checking out some of the other things from their shop! Lots of Christmas themed stuff as well.

imageMake sure to follow them and keep up with what’s new:




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