C-Tribe Festival

Hey guys! So this last weekend I attended my first C-Tribe festival here in Edmonton, it’s a weekend 2-day¬†event and it’s main purpose is to bring new and upcoming ideas from industry to the people. To start, something that really set the chill vibe for what the weekend was going to be about was the […]

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Lace Up Grey + Black Jeans

Happy Belated New Year!?! Life has been one thing to the next lately and I’m positive that this is my first blog post since New Years…being on vacation will do things like that, keep you off track lol. So while I’m catching up and getting all of my posts in line (and my life back […]


Raajsi-A Royal Affair by Designerz Den

Western Canada Fashion Week is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a chance to discover local and global designers that you don’t normally get to see and there are many hidden gems. It’s now in full swing and as a lucky member of the audience, I’d love to introduce you to Designerz […]


Buttercream Clothing

Hello there, friends! I know we all have certain things we are looking for when we shop for clothes, whether it’s online or in store-whether the clothes fit right, how current the style is and if it reflects our own desires, a reasonable price point and often ignored but very important: how and where it’s […]