Styling Wand Review: T3 Micro Whirl Trio

Hey everyone I am absolutely in love with my new Whirl Trio styling wand from T3 micro. I have been lusting after these ever since I first found the T3 micro brand. This is definitely one of their most wanted tools from their lineup and it’s so obvious now why it’s so popular.  It has also received the Allure Best of Beauty Award from 2016.


It comes with the main body and then three interchangeable barrels so you can put on whichever one you want to depending on the look that you want to achieve.   Even more barrels can be purchased separately on top if you are interested in getting even more looks out of this tool like the 1″ clip barrel for defined curls and the 1.25″ clip barrel for polished curls. It also comes with a handy carrying pouch to keep all of the barrels in as well as a heat resistant glove.


If you’ve never used a styling wand before it’s very easy once you get the hang of it. It helps to hold the wand over top of your head pointing downwards and then you just wrap the hair around it with the hand that has the heat resistant gloves on. I don’t always use the glove because I’ve gotten really good at it and I like to live dangerously but when you’re first starting it’s a really good idea because these irons do get very hot.  There are five different heat settings so the hottest one is really great for very defined curls that you want to hold for a long time. The low heat settings are good for loose undone waves or great if you want to try and curl a younger child’s hair.


The barrel I’ve found myself going back to most consistently is the thickest 1.5 inch straight barrel.  It makes really nice loose waves and very large curls. Here is an example of one of the looks that I’ve achieved with this barrel :

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I also was really excited to try the 1.25-0.75″ tapered barrel. I’ve never use this style before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. T3 lists it as great for tousled waves. It makes curls that are really nice and tight at the bottom and I found that these ones held the longest probably because they’re so tight and I didn’t use any hairspray or product at all. I slept on the curls and they were still super defined the next morning.  I also put my hair up in a ponytail after and it was super cute for a curled ponytail .



And for the last barrel that comes in the kit it’s the 1 inch straight barrel which is good for undone waves.  This is good for loose big curls that you still want to have a bit of definition to them and really great for brushed out curls  which is a look that I’ve been loving lately.


Of course like all of their hot iron products this one does have the one hour auto off feature which is one my favorite things about them. It also has digital technology with an internal microchip to keep the temperature nice and even.  The barrels are tourmaline ceramic.  I am so happy with the styling want and now I could never imagine using anything else.

Let me know if any of you have tried it or if you want to try and really it’s just so  pretty too.  The white with the rose gold detailing is just gorgeous.

Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo


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  1. These curling wands sounds like a really good quality and I love how you can change it up to different size of barrels for a different look. I have two curling wands and I love them because they work a lot faster than a curling iron. Thank you for sharing this❤️ xo

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