Some Local Favourites

Like many people today, I’m a conscious buyer. I see the importance in shopping local and supporting smaller up and coming businesses. It’s why I love to rep for small shops. Supporting local economies with fair practices and a natural produce offering is so important to me. Here are my favourites in the here and now!

Saje Wellness

A friend first suggested I try Saje, a Vancouver based company, as a great local essential oil source. There are so many companies to buy from these days but when it comes to EOs, I want to be able to run to the store, sample them and have the opportunity to ask for trained guidance and recommendations in person and on a whim.

Their stores are gorgeous. The display, packaging, it makes it all so irresistible. They also have a points program and there’s always a sale promotion. But I love the product! They work, they are great quality oils and I love that they sell pure oils and pre-blended products as well.

I have two diffusers from them, one colour changing AromaCloud diffuser and my chrome diffuser, as shown in photo below. Love the features on both! The Peppermint Halo roll-on is amazing for headaches. I’m also a huge fan of their loose leaf teas, I drink a cup daily. I often diffuse Liquid Sunshine when I have guests over, it smells great and makes everyone cheerful, Immune is great for getting rid of a cold, and Tantra-great for getting in the mood 😉

If you haven’t stopped in yet, I strongly recommend them. Shop online or in-store. If you aren’t familiar with EO use, please do some research and ask for advice. There are some safety precautions to be aware of, especially certain oils that are not meant to be used on children! Saje Wellness


Rocky Mountain Soap Company

This store has me obsessed! The interior looks so squeaky clean with all the little packages lined up and just so. The staff are super friendly and love to help out. All of the products are made right in Canmore, AB. They send out some great emails and always have amazing promos going on. My favourite was bringing in an old not-so-natural bubble bath and getting a free one of theirs in return. I love free bubble bath! 🙂


Juicy Cherry. Oh this scent is so freaking good. The hand cream is in my bag all winter, it smells phenomenal. Oh, and their Root Bear soap. Just amazing. I think it was meant for kids, but I use it on me! Other favourites include their Hand and Body Wash and the Aromatherapy Revive+ Mist.


I suggest checking them out and sign up for their email list, I love all the offers they send! Rocky Mountain Soap


I’ve been searching for a natural, aluminum-free deodorant that smells good and works! It’s so hard! Everytime I hear a recommendation for one, I try it and it’s just so-so. Right?

Well I had a lot of people point me towards Routine out of Calgary, so I thought I’d try it. I found a store close to home that carries it and picked up this sample box which contains 11 different scents. So… the only downside is that you have to apply it with your fingers. Seems a little strange at first but honestly, I’m used to it now and as long as your underarms are clean, it shouldn’t matter, right? 😀 I love the scents. It’s such a good variety that when I go back to buy a full-sized one, I have no idea which one to choose. Betty (the purple one) is really good!


As far as effective, I think they are better than any other natural deodorant I’ve tried. It may have to be applied a bit heavier to really prevent any smells or a couple times a day, but I love them and am happy with them and will definitely be buying more. You can order full sized or single samples online here.


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