Raajsi-A Royal Affair by Designerz Den

Western Canada Fashion Week is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a chance to discover local and global designers that you don’t normally get to see and there are many hidden gems. It’s now in full swing and as a lucky member of the audience, I’d love to introduce you to Designerz Den, created by Esha Dhatt of Calgary, Alberta.


Not shy to the use of bold colours and extravagant details, Esha’s creations are stunningly beautiful and were very appreciated by the audience at WCFW. It is so obvious the time and effort placed into the dresses with the result of such beautiful intricacy mixed with feminine draping and sweeping silhouettes.

I was able to take some of Esha’s time in an interview to share with you more of her company and her new line ‘Raajsi-A Royal Affair’.

LL: Your spring collection from the last WCFW was absolutely beautiful and very well received. How does your Fall collection differ and what similarities are there?

ED: Thank you Lindsey! The similarities between both collections are they’re both feminine. My last collection Amorè ‘A Romantic Affair’ was fusion of east and west with dreamy, soft pastel hues whereas Raajsi ‘A Royal Affair’ is taking back to my roots, my country with colorful colors, art and intricacies.

LL: You’ve called this collection “Raajsi-A Royal Affair”. What was your inspiration for this theme?

ED: Beaticious tribute to art and Indian culture…this collection reflects our heritage and rich culture. I’m blessed to have found my inspiration within my country!

LL:  You do a lot of bridal designs, is this your main focus or do you offer a variety of styles?

ED: We design your vision…be it bridal, Indian or fusion. As we say #youdreamit #wemakeit!
You’ve seen our fusion line in spring and here comes variation of Indian hues, intricacies of embellishments and one vision of woman made majestic.

LL: Some of your dresses have very intricate hand-stitched embroidery and beadwork. How long can it take to finish a piece?

ED: Yes, you will see a lot of intricacies and hand embroidery in this collection. Some hand embroidered pieces can take up to a month to complete. For any custom orders, we ask our clients 4 to 6 weeks but if it’s bridal it can take up to couple of months.

LL: How long have you been designing and how did you get into this business? Does it run in the family?

ED: It took me a while to discover my passion. After my studies in Business Administration I worked a full time 8 to 4 job; by this time I realized I wanted to do something creative but I still wasn’t sure. I started my retail business in Indian ensemble and jewellery in 2008, after my third child, soon I found myself getting involved in designing aspects as well. I learnt the intricacies of designing through extensive research and on job involvement. I found it fascinating.

Today I feel that it was my inherent sense of color and balance that led me to balance fashion so passionately.

I love what I do and blessed to have a family who supports me at every step of my professional life.

LL: How long have you been working on this collection?

ED: I’ve been working on this collection since May and can’t wait for it to come alive!

LL: Would you say your styles are more traditional or modern?

ED: The new age Indian woman is someone who values her traditional ethics yet has a forward looking perspective towards life. Therefore, our designs shows equal parts of Indian and western influence.

LL: Who are your favourite designers?

ED: My favourite designer are Sabyasachi and Tarun Tahiliani

LL: What do you see for the future of Indian fashion design?

ED: The future of Indian fashion design will be more fusion as a modern day woman wants to value her traditional ethics as well.



Designer Esha Dhatt (far right) with her daughter and model at the show:


I got in on a photo op with Esha and her models after the show! 😍


You can find Designerz Den here on Facebook and Instagram. You can also email her at

A million thanks to Esha for sharing with us.

Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo


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