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My All-Natural Skincare Routine

Hey guys! So my last post was about how to get the most out of your makeup to look good and this one goes a little deeper into how to actually get and maintain healthy, youthful skin with the end goal of actually needing less tricks up your sleeve makeup-wise to look your best! Of course makeup hacks are great to have to cover up any imperfections that may pop up but it’s such a great feeling to have skin that doesn’t need a lot of covering up. Right?!

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I was thrilled when I heard from the founder of Bella Aura to try out and give feedback on her line. Her products are all natural but after doing a ton of testing and researching they are also super effective! Clinically proven and no added synthetics. First, I’ll break down the product lineup and then I’ll explain how to use them all in my super simple routine!

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1. Gentle Purifying Cleanser

This product will leave your face perfectly cleansed without stripping away oils. It contains loads of nourishing botanical extracts and vitamins.

2. Instant Lifting Eye Contour

Clears up imperfections around the eyes including puffiness, fine lines and color imbalances with vitamins K-C-E-A-F-D-B complex, minerals, and omega3-6-9 fatty acids.

3. Daily Repair Moisturizer

Contains the company’s trademark Kamilah blend and active Swiss botanicals. Leaves skin perfectly balanced in moisture for a young, smooth and healthy glow.

4. Night Cellular Renewal

Works while you sleep to replenish skin and leave it refreshed, hydrated and firm. Slows down aging.

5. Antioxidant Booster

Defends skin against the harsh elements. Protects against skin wear and signs of aging.

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Now for my routine! I end every day by first removing all makeup. If I have just light basic makeup on I will sometimes just use the cleanser. However I find that it helps to use my Body Cloth from Norwex. This thing is magical and takes everything off with just water, including eye makeup. If I have really thick eye makeup that day,  I will use coconut oil to take off my eyeliner and mascara first, it’s super safe and I don’t have to worry about getting it in my eyes.  After that I clean my skin with the Gentle Purifying Cleanser and it removes everything else and leaves my skin nice and soft.

Next I use the Instant Lifting Eye Contour. I just need one pump and I apply it underneath my eyes and around I make sure that I am only stroking it outwards and upwards.  It’s very important to tap the skin quite firmly before hand to get the blood flowing and so that when you’re pulling the skin up it activates it so that it is training for the skin to be lifted and it helps to hold the skin tight for a few seconds.  I have found that my eyes definitely look more firm and lifted after using this for a few weeks.

And the last step before bed is 3 pumps of the Night Cellular Renewal and 1 pump of the Antioxidant Booster.  I mix them together and then apply all over my face, tapping again to get the blood flowing. Then I am very careful to rub upwards only making a V motion from the base of my nose down to the corners of my mouth and then I lift that skin up towards the tops of my ears and hold for a few seconds.  My laugh lines have definitely disappeared and my face has been so much smoother and more supple lately. There is a lot of bounce when I poke my skin now!

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When I wake up in the morning I don’t wash my face because I want to keep all of the good stuff that has developed there overnight. I repeat the steps for the Instant Lifting Eye Contour and then apply 3 pumps of the Daily Repair Moisturizer with 2 Pumps of the Antioxidant Booster. Same as at night, I do a V motion under my cheeks and also in upward sweep of my neck and forehead to train the skin upwards.

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And that’s it! It’s a really simple routine once you’ve been doing it for a couple days very easy to remember all the steps and I’ve been doing it for six weeks now.  I’m very happy with the results my skin looks nice and soft and clear and has definitely been glowing. I’ve tried a lot of products and while it seems like a lot of them do you moisturize you don’t really see a lot of benefits beyond that with most creams. With this I’ve seen a visible difference and I love using them. Even the smell is amazingly addictive!

I know how hard it can be to try out yet another skincare line without knowing how or if it’s going to work out for you not what’s great about Bella Aura is that they have an Essential Energy Boosting Kit which contains smaller but still generous sizes of each of the products, perfect for sampling!

I’d love for you all to try it out because I know you will love it as much as I do! And if you have before, please leave me some feedback in the comments  so I can hear what you think!

Till next time,

Lindsey xox

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