Holidays: Ideas for Beautiful Hanukkah Decor


Well friends, it is that time of year again where the snow is falling and malls are getting swarmed and there are smells of holiday baking everywhere. Now, I would normally be celebrating Christmas but in our home we’ve decided to leave that holiday in the past (a whole story on it’s own) and have decided to welcome a new tradition that just feels right for us.

As a Hanukkah/Chanukah/Channukkah newcomer, I’ve learned a few things along the way. First, is that I’ve never actually ever thought about what Hanukkah is actually about. There is such beautiful meaning and story behind this eight day event around the 25th of the month if Kislev and if you aren’t familiar, I recommend looking into it! I’ve also learned that in comparison to its distant cousin tree worshipping holiday, there is a serious lack of Hallmark specials.

This is my first year and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the traditions and cannot wait to attempt frying up some sufganiyot!


Being that the traditional colors are blue with white, silver and gold, that’s exactly what I followed for my tablescape. A silver or white tablecloth is a great first layer, I topped mine with this navy velvet runner full of silver sparkles. It looks like a starry night sky which I thought was appropriate for this Festival of Lights.


These glasses were $4 apiece at Superstore mixed in with their holiday tableware. I love them on the table but they also can double as a tea light or votive holder!


The chocolate coins or gelt can really vary in price. My favorite are the large gold ones I bought that I scattered on the table. They have a menorah design on them and were a bit steep at $12 for 10 at Indigo. I was able to find these silver and blue ones (they have every color of the rainbow) at Party City and they are $0.09 per coin so much more economical. The downside was that the coins replicate US coins but I’m sure the kids won’t mind for their dreidel games! The dreidels I found were also from Indigo for $3 each.


After looking at a variety of menorahs (or hanukiahs as the 9 branched ones are called) I finally decided to purchase this one. It is a smaller size at 8” tall but it does look beautiful and I’m happy with it. I can also use it year round where it’s less of a central focus and more of a nice added touch. I purchased mine from Ahuva.com along with the candles and some cookie cutters. They have an amazing selection of Hanukkah and other Feast day items!


I found I had a hard time finding decor pieces locally but I did find this Happy Hanukkah accent (on the mantel) from HomeSense, they had a few menorahs as well. I did see some blue toned servingware and linens that would work great for the theme as well. I liked the idea of lights for this Festival so I added the string lights around my fireplace with some general winter decor.


I had to let the kids get involved of course so they made a ton of paper snowflakes and blue stars to hang from the ceiling and I think it adds a nice whimsical touch to the space!


Lastly I was just about jumping for joy when I found a Hanukkah gingerbread house kit! I’ve seen these now at both Sobeys and Bed, Bath & Beyond and for under $15.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Feast of Dedication event! Would love to hear any ideas of how you all decorate because I’m still looking for more to add!

Also if anyone would like to help me petition Netflix for some Hanukkah specials, the more the merrier!

Happy Hanukkah!

Lindsey xoxo

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