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Grin Brush, Teeth Care Made Easier!

I never thought I’d see the day, but here it is. Today, I am in love with a toothbrush. The bar has been raised and not just any old brush will do! You see, I am a repeat offender when it comes to forgetting to buy a new toothbrush. There is a recommended three month time span before your toothbrush should be retired and replaced with a fresh one, and I can never remember, often going six months or more with the same nasty brush.

So, obviously I love Grin Brush and their automatic reminders. When you sign up for their subscription you get their brush handle and a full year supply of replacement heads, then they send you a reminder every time you need to swap out the head for a new one. Genius, and it’s only $20 (shipping included) for the first year and $15 for subsequent years, that’s less then you’d pay for your brushes from the drug store.

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The toothbrush itself is made with a flat aluminum handle. It’s fully recyclable and the flat base means it won’t roll over into the mystery smears on your bathroom counter or onto the floor. How come no one else thought of that yet? That’s seriously the worst! The replacement heads use 85% less plastic than traditional brushes do making this an earth friendly choice.

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The brush handles come in your choice of metallic blue, red or green and will look sleek in your toothbrush holder. The handle is also guaranteed for life so you never have to worry about purchasing another once you’ve got the starter kit. It also doesn’t have any grooves, it’s one smooth surface so it doesn’t hold germs in the way your old one does.

Grin also says on their website that “Recent studies show that a clean toothbrush that’s in good condition can reduce your chances of developing heart disease, dementia and diabetes.” So it’s great for the environment and also great for your health!

See, you really can’t get better than that and I bet you’re excited about a toothbrush now too!

Let me know after you’ve tried and how it went for you!


Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo