Frock Box Pt. 2

Hey girls!

So if you aren’t familiar with Frock Box yet, then you need to go back and read my last post! 😊 To sum it up, a freaking fantastic fashion subscription service that sends you up to date monthly clothing packages! Yay!

This post features on the next outfit I made with my Frock Box. They sent me this blue ribbed top, and it seriously took me a few minutes to figure out how to put it in, but once I had it, this shirt SLAAAAYS.


Like the open back with a twist is so cute! It’s light enough and not clingy so it is great if you have a little tummy to hide and it’s not revealing at all, but the back just exudes this confidence and it would look great on any body type!


See what I mean? The front is so clean and simple. The colour is gorgeous. So I paired it with a pair of white silver jeans with a nice ankle cut, perfect with these basic black heals. Then I topped it off with a pair of big, glamorous turquoise blue earrings to really make it shine!

One of my favourite looks for sure! Great for day to day but still looking hot while I’m at it 😏

One last thing in my box, this dark teal knit headband. There was a bit of controversy around this thing and how to wear it, but I think it could be worn many ways. Here it is with the thick part of the band at the top:


I also tried it with the thin part at the top and I thought it looked great that way too, maybe even better? Meh, the thing is so versatile, and you can get more than one great look out of it so its win win. I also love that it’s wide enough that if my hair is a mess, well I’ll just cover that up and out the door. Lazy days…

For you Edmonton locals, Frock Box is having a huge sale Tuesday, February 23rd 5:30-8:30pm at 1751 Towne Centre Blvd! Here’s the price list:


Amazing deals to be had. I can’t wait! Hope to see you there!


Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo

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