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I’ve been feeling so amazing lately and not stressed AT ALL because I’ve been really taking it very easy lately. This time of year I’m normally pretty worked up and halfway to a basket case 😀 I’ve decided it’s just not worth it and have been doing a few key things to keep my calm. For one, I am seriously downgrading this holiday season. Not only am I not celebrating Christmas (what??!!, I know) but I am focusing on simple things and just not sweating like the rest of the crowd. And it feels great.


I also booked myself a massage at Ener-Qi Massage Therapy, which is located in Edmonton at 10157 122 St. It’s a great central location just off downtown but with an abundance of free street parking, which is a major feature in itself. The building is a quaint old house converted into a studio with a bright vibrant entrance space. There are two washrooms available and both had extra hair elastics and bobby pins in case you forget yours ( which I always do!). There are 5 different massage rooms in the building, each unique but all perfectly calming and with natural, restful decor. There are succulents and salt lamps to contribute to the positive energy flow of the spaces.





I usually go for a quick 30 minute massage but this time I was treated to an amazing 90 minute massage with Selina Streahorn, one of their RMTs. She seriously gave me the massage of my life and we had a pleasant conversation. I felt amazingly relaxed and she managed to work out some of my extreme tense-ness, she also gave me some recommendations and emailed me some stretching examples to help me in between appointments.

I greatly enjoyed my time here and will be making regular future appointments. If you are in the Edmonton area, I cannot say enough and strongly recommend trying them out. And of course, they do have registered therapists so if you have benefits, you can submit your receipts!

You can find them at 10157 122 Street although appointments should be booked in advance on their website here.

Let me know if you’ve tried them!

Till next time,

Lindsey xoxo

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