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Hey guys!

So this last weekend I attended my first C-Tribe festival here in Edmonton, it’s a weekend 2-day event and it’s main purpose is to bring new and upcoming ideas from industry to the people.


To start, something that really set the chill vibe for what the weekend was going to be about was the early morning meditation event. It was at 7am, and I am neverrrrr anywhere that early but I dragged my butt out of bed and beat the sunrise and am truly appreciative that I did. The feeling of serenity viewing the lights of downtown from 20 floors up and watching the city come to life from behind floor to ceiling glass windows is something I have never experienced and may never again. A roomful of people hushed and clearing our minds for the day that would come.

Each morning and afternoon there would be speaker presentations on topics including fashion technology, travel, artificial intelligence, blockchain, real estate and health technologies. Friday night ended with a Havana Nights Party that I wasn’t able to attend but I heard some amazing feedback from that and apparently the food was amazing. It was facilitated by one of the co-owners of Havana Now (a Cuban experience agency) Jaime Rather, whom I also had the pleasure of seeing speak at her presentation Saturday. She spoke about her love story and how her love for world experiences developed and eventually led her to her business partner. Her story was unexpected and lovely.


Another presenter I sat in on in the Experiential Travel block was Brady Hedlund, who created an ever evolving business called Life Before Work which began with his taste for fun in Thailand and has evolved into a business meant to help people find their reason to put life before work in an effort to do what brings joy by travel. I also heard what Tyler Waye had to say about work and his view that as life goes on, we may change our mind about our career direction and how happiness is more easily found in adapting our career to what we love rather than jumping ship and starting fresh. Tyler is an author and founder of YoungLeaders.World.
There were some other seriously amazing talks going on and I’m so sad to have missed them. An incredible opportunity to hear from some amazing minds both Edmonton local and national. I am really looking forward to the next one as this is a bi-annual event and it is definitely garnering attention from the community and setting itself up for a one of a kind experience that will draw people from all around. They are already planning for their next event, the C-Tribe Music Innovation Festival July 25-28th of 2018 and I am super excited for that!



The weekend was concluded with a fashion show sponsored by many local designers and retailers. It took place in the lobby of Enbridge Centre and the atmosphere was buzzing. Four hundred in attendance with some great entertainment and gorgeous fashion. The most popular event of the weekend and did not disappoint.

If you have never attended C-Tribe, make sure you follow them along for updates on upcoming events and projects.

You can find them here:

C-Tribe Website




Check them out and till next time,

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